25 Amazing Camping Recipes

I’ve loved camping since I was a kid and I’m excited to share all of the fun parts of camping with my boys. From taking them as infants to sharing a luxurious cabin at the Barrie KOA. To celebrate camping and all of the delicious foods you can make around the campfire we have gathered 25 Camping Recipes that will make your next camping trip the best ever!

25 Best Camping Recipes

* Recipe in photo inspired by Hot Dog Stew with added potatoes (6 yukon gold)

1. Campfire Banana Boat Recipe | Source: The Clever Pink Pirate

2. Simple Grilled Onions Side Dish | Source: Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller

3. Campfire Potatoes | Source: Cincy Shopper

4. Foiled Potatoes | Source: My Heavenly Recipes

5. S’mores Cones | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

6. Grilled Caramel Apple Crunch | Source: Coffee With Us 3

7. Boy Scout Supper | Source: Southern Krazed

8. Campfire Dump Cake | Source: Simply Budgeted

9. Sweet Onion Grilled Salmon | Source: Lori’s Culinary Creations

10. Orange Peel Cinnamon Rolls | Source: Say Not Sweet Anne

11. Grilled Spicy New Potatoes | Source: Future Expat

12. Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler | Source: My Turn for Us

13. 3 Cheese Bacon Campfire Potatoes | Source: Just 2 Sisters

14. Hawaiian Packets | Source: Around My Family Table

15. Grilled Meat ‘n Potatoes Foil Packets | Source: Thrifty DIY Diva

16. Steak & Chicken Kabobs | Source: My Heavenly Recipes

17. Cheesy Ham and Egg Sandwiches | Source: Thrifty Jinxy

18. Breakfast on the Grill | Source: Mom VS The Boys

19. Grilled Potato Packets | Source: How to Have It All

20. Campfire Breakfast Burritos | Source: French Toasty

21. Campfire Quesadillas | Source: Dirty Gourmet

22. Italian Sausage and Potato Tin Foil Dinner | Source: One Sweet Appetite

23. Grilled Pizza | Source: A Mom’s Take

24. Lumberjack Breakfast | Source: Echoes of Laughter

25. Campfire Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich | Source: Twin Dragonfly Designs

+ Check out these delicious S’mores recipes that are perfect for any camping trip.

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25 Amazing Camping Recipes

Do you have a favourite camping recipe you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments – we’d love to try it!


  1. Thank you for including my Steak & Chicken Kabobs and Foiled Potatoes Recipes. They are really both pretty heavenly. We make them all the time at camp. I hope your readers enjoy them as much as we do! Cheers!
    Marci Loehner recently posted..Easy Recipes for Your Summer BBQMy Profile

  2. Yum! We love camping, and we love trying new recipes! Thanks for including our Grilled Caramel Apple Crunch! Pinning.
    Jamie @ Coffee With Us 3 recently posted..Monthly Meal Plan 3.7My Profile

  3. Great timing for an Independence Day cookout. I’m going to have my girls pick out a couple and help me make a shopping list. We camp where there’s a 24-hour grocery store (and pizza joint) a couple of miles away – just in case!

  4. We are gearing up to go camping this weekend. I can’t wait to try some new recipes.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Michele Brosius recently posted..Shaving Tips for Men {Free Movie Ticket Offer}My Profile

  5. I HATE it when I see a picture of something I might like to try then can not find the recipe on the link! Which one is it that is pictured on facebook?

    • My apologies – it’s listed now – it’s hot dog stew

      • Just saw this collection for first time. Like a lot of other folks I was looking for the “hot dog stew”. When I went to your link all I found was “hot dog soup”, but it has a red base not yellow like the picture. Where can I find the pictured version. Thanks for the collection. Don’t camp much anymore but my son has a fire pit that these will be put to use for.

  6. What I’d like to know is what is that picture it looks like some sort of Mac and cheese with hotdogs it looks good but I can’t find it in the recipes listed

  7. Katie Pearson says:

    What is in the picture at the top of this article? Looks like Mac & Cheese and Weiners, but I can’t figure out which recipe it is?

  8. Sarah Pierson says:

    What is cooking in pot on main photo? Which recipe is it? Thanks!

  9. The hot dog stew has something in it, that isn’t included on the list. What is the yellow looking ingredient, please?

  10. What’s that one in the main picture, it looks like bits of hotdog in something stewy…

  11. That is everyday cook out stuff

  12. Thank you for including our Philly Cheesesteak!! xo
    Heather Painchaud recently posted..The Handmade Hangout – a creative party!My Profile

  13. Katie Pearson says:

    LOL! Thanks!!!

  14. Is there anyway yo download and print a copy of the booklet? They all look so yummy and would be nice to have a copy in the camper

  15. Wow. I’m getting a ton of visitors to my Grilled Spicy New Potatoes from being including on your list. Thank you!

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    some fantastic recipes here. I’ll have to pass them onto my son he and his family often go camping in the summer.

  17. We do a lot of cast iron cooking while camping. Our set-up day tradition is chili dogs. I freeze leftover chili all winter long. Pop a freezer bag into the cast iron on the campfire and viola! We use Johnsonville smoked sausages and either toss them in the chili or poke them on a stick and roast them over the fire. Quick easy meal for a busy day of setting up camp!

  18. Toni Bultman says:

    We love doing a fish boil at our campout. In a large pot over the fire fill with water, add pickling spice, old bay seasoning, salt, pepper. Add quartered potatoes and onions. When they are almost done,corn on the cob, blocks of cod, Shrimp and any seafood you want. Cook till fish is done. Scoop out onto serving tray and add melted butter and lemon and enjoy. We make this every year on our trips. We also make Paella

  19. Cassandra says:

    Is there an option to pin this post that I’m just not seeing?

  20. We always made the Boy Scout supper…but put bacon at the bottom beneath the hamburger patty. Then we let our kids use any vegetables they wanted. Some used mushrooms, some green beans, some frozen peas…whatever they liked. Then we would put a big dollop of butter on top. This prevented the hamburger patty from burning on the foil.

  21. We make Mulligan Stew over the camp fire in a dutch oven! Brown high quality hamburger, then add chopped onions. Add cubed potatoes, salt and pepper and water to just cover. Simmer for couple, then add canned red beans. Heat through and serve with bread and fresh sliced tomatoes!

  22. Joseph Kafunda says:

    Fish Pizza

    this is one of the Sunday dish well home with your family or friends
    very easy to cook and make just relax around the fire while enjoy a wine glass

  23. Another tasty dessert —– Take chunks of good egg bread ( like Challah) – roll in condensed milk ( thinned a bit with water) – then in coconut- toast over fire with long forks or sticks.

  24. Jill Marsh says:

    Here’s 1 of my favs that everyone seems to like. I line a 9 x13 2in. Deep pan with foil long enough to make a tent cover over top. Quarter baking potatoes ( or new red ) , quarter 3good size yellow squash and 2 zuchani ( by quarter I mean a big bite size) and wedge slice sweet onion 1-2 ( your option) then sprinkle generously with McCormick salt free Garlic & Herb Seasoning ( wonderful flavor) then dab butter all over top and close up foil making a tent sealed right . I do this on my gas grill for 40 min. You want the veggies to brown a little but not burn …… Enjoy – actually now I’m going to have to make some ….got my mouth watering ! Lol

  25. Victoria Ess says:

    These look so good!! Bookmarked!

  26. A bit too much junk food on this list.

  27. Judy Cowan says:

    We love camping. We have tried a few of these recipes but I do see a few more that we need to try. Thanks for sharing!

  28. We’re going camping weekend (leaving tomorrow night) and I’m looking forward to trying some of these recipes. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website. I can’t wait to take a look around when I have more time! Thanks for posting this!

  29. Thanks for linking to our Banana Boat recipe!

  30. Debra Hamer says:

    When I was a Girl Scout one of our camping staples to eat was canned corn, pork and beans, and cut up hot dogs all in one pot. Easy and surprising good and filling.

  31. Kathie Solus says:

    I am so happy to see your recipes for camping. They look yummy. My oldest son has purchased camping gear and we have been talking about what to cook. Problem solved with all your recipes. Thank you for putting together such a helpful subject for campers.

  32. Stevie B says:

    Hey everyone. Super excited to see what I thought was one of favourite meals here. The hotdog stew looks great, but this is entry level noms. swap the hotdogs for d’orsognia Polish sausage, add equal parts pasta shells to the potato and (optional but recommended) finish off with a pinch of sauerkraut and dollop of tzatziki.

  33. Get 4-5lbs of beef stew meat cut up already. Get 2-3 cans of Golden mushroom soup. 2bags frozen veg-all. Add half a sliced potatoe and 1 big onion chopped up small. Extra sliced mushrooms. And 2 things of aluminium foil.
    First cut out 2 squares of foil and put one on top of the other for six servings. Put meat about a handful divided up into the center of each square. Dollop some soup on each one. Divide up the befriending each square along with the onions and mushrooms. Shake 6 good shakes of Worcestershire sauce on each one. Now make a bowl out of the foil. Put salt and pepper to season, maybe a bit of garlic salt. Gather foil up at top. Put on grill for a good hour. Check after an hour. Yummy! My dad called these goobies and we loved them.

  34. My boys, niece and nephews loved when we made omlets while camping! Pot of boiling water, good quart size freezer bags, eggs, ham, cheese, onions anything you like in an omelet! We even had chorizo that we cooked earlier. Crack the eggs in the bag let the kid smash them up! Then add what the want in their omlet. Close bags and drop in the boiling water over the fire. Flip them over. Only takes a couple mins. (Make sure the inside cooks.) Parents pull the Baggie out and open onto a plate and there’s your omlet!

  35. Lisa Neutel says:

    we love camping i will be bookmarking this awesome list of yummy camping meals for later

  36. Thanks for this great list. I am definitely going to make some of these the next time we camp.

  37. Bookmarking this page! What a great yummy collection :-)
    kylie recently posted..The Best 1000 Lumen Flashlight Buying GuideMy Profile

  38. Dave Fourie says:

    How can i bay the book

  39. I’m going to try this Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler on our next camping trip this summer. Hoping to surprise my kids and wife with this breakfast meal. I don’t cook, but looks like I can handle this. Crossing my fingers though…lol

  40. Susan Smith says:

    More Vegetables!!!!

  41. Ghost Finger says:

    Don’t have website. Desert Burritos are good might add them. Put tortilla down then spread peanut butter down the middle, then add pie filling, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Wrap in tin foil and cook for 4-5 minutes, or until warm and mushy on the inside.

  42. I’m gonna try some of the recipes when I go camping with my buddies. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Some great recipes to try out this season. Thanks for sharing.
    Not sure my cooking skills will be up to all of these but gonna give it a shot anyway.

    Great list and thanks for sharing.


    Gary recently posted..18650 Flashlight. What Is The Best for 2016My Profile

  44. Thanks for these great recipes, but I must admit I’m quite lazy when it comes to cooking meals while camping, anything that is quick and easy get my points.

    I love the Grilled Pizza though, who can say no to pizzas.
    Zubair Ahmed – Editor at GearHose recently posted..The best survival multi-tool to buyMy Profile

  45. Can’t take this list seriously when it has nothing you could get when camping: fish, grouse, blueberries, etc

  46. bookmarked ,thanks for collecting those yummy camping meals

  47. I’m an avid kayaker and camper. I love going to remote places on my kayak and camping out there. Sometimes my sweetie and I will go tandem. I love love LOVE this resource for recipes. I’m really excited to cook some of these for my girlfriend next weekend. Thanks so much. Cheers!

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